We add the options you want but may not know about... while our competition leaves them out to be "cheaper".

Even most of our Runners get full Duke Insulation... the best thermopane windows...1 piece fiberglass tub & showers... dishwashers... cottage rear doors... overhead ducts...  Things that may only add $1000-1500 or so to the home but save you $30-50 a month forever!  Look at the normal "our way" options we put on a typical Runner (to the left).  FYI- Wind Zone 2 is REQUIRED in Florida.

On Oak & Plantation Series homes, we are one of only a few dealers that order them as ENERGY STAR HOMES to make them efficient and comfortable!


We give complete full disclosure estimates rather than some $69,995 and who knows what it "really" includes?

Some dealers quote ".....95" type prices to include who knows what.  You may see signs for doublewides for "$39,995" and we assure you that you can't actually buy it for that!  We will give you a full disclosure estimate to include the home, setup, well & septic (if you need it).  And we will do our best to make it happen for you.  If you are a payment buyer, we will even estimate in real closing costs to get as close to an actual payment as possible.


We try to get what is best for you in the long run...

Many dealers try to get you to go with financing that is easiest for them.  It may not be what is best for you!  On a $100,000 mortgage, an easy 23 year 8.5% mortgage will ultimately cost you about $30,000 more than a nice fixed rate 5.2% mortgage!  We work harder for you to get that kind of loan!  What would you do with $30K?